If you liked the iPhone 7 with the removal of the headphone jack, you’ll LOVE the iPhone 8 with the removal of, well, check it out for yourself…lol (1360)
Brother Heathen really has to do something about his booty obsession. It’s really starting to get out of control. If you have a crazy ringtone, ALWAYS make sure you cut your phone off in church…lol (4145)
There’s always that one child that pushes the envelope with that one mother that doesn’t have a problem tearing their behind up at church…lol (4769)
While on the phone with her best friend, a young girl downloads a new app that turns out to be much more than what she expected. “Just Creepy: Killer Filters” Starring Cameron Nichols, Kristin Sharpe, and Matt Demayo Written and produced by Andre Forbes Copyright 2020 Music Man Dre Productions (153)
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