Brother Heathen really has to do something about his booty obsession. It’s really starting to get out of control. If you have a crazy ringtone, ALWAYS make sure you cut your phone off in church…lol (4134)
A short prayer over your food is fine, but this is just too much. Pastor seems to have gotten a little carried away and off topic with the prayer. Looks like the saints got more than they bargained for. The pastor probably already ate before arriving. (2973)
While on the phone with her best friend, a young girl downloads a new app that turns out to be much more than what she expected. “Just Creepy: Killer Filters” Starring Cameron Nichols, Kristin Sharpe, and Matt Demayo Written and produced by Andre Forbes Copyright 2020 Music Man Dre Productions (145)
NOT SO INNOCENT (web series) – coming in Spring 2019 Two best friends find themselves swept into a world of deception, murder, and terror when they discover other worldly forces are after them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an unseen invasion going on that could potentially wipe out all of humanity […]
Jesus is like a biscuit…let him sop you up. Hmm. Personal Prayer Biscuits for $777.77? Those biscuits better be straight from heaven. This televangelist just seems a little too excited. His co-host doesn’t seem to happy about what’s going on. Poor caller. (2293)
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